Metal Tapes

Aluminum and copperadhesive tape with conductive or non-conductiveadhesive. Resistant to temperatures and atmospheric agents, they areideal as a barrier against vapor and humidity and as a protection for insulation coating and electrical bonding. Used also for fridges production.

Dielectric insulating tapes

Adhesive tapes for cable windings, finishing, and shielding of electric
transformers and electromechanical components.

Double sided tapes

Used to attach two parts permanently or to set objects for a limited period without causing damage to the surfaces. Also used in the nautical sector to repair or assemble sails.

Perforated aluminum tape

Aluminum adhesive tape coupled with a layer of polyester with breathable perforations prevent the formation of mold and humidity and also the passage of dust, microorganisms and water.


Double-sided, single-sided, and non-adhesive tapes are cut in any shape and size through the die-cutting process.

Customized adhesive tapes

Print your logo or design (max. 3 colours) on white, brown or transparent PVC or PPL tapes or on brown or ivory colored paper tapes.